Jul 20, 2023

Command line FTP tools for listing and mirroring

Two command line ftp tools.

ftpcopy is a simple FTP client written to copy files or directories recursively from a FTP server. It’s main purpose is to mirror FTP sites which support the MLSD/MLST commands or which employ the EPLF directory listing format, although it also supports the traditional listing format /bin/ls.

ftpls is a FTP client which generates directory listings, either in plain text or HTML format.

The tools only support passive mode FTP, intentionally.

Checkout these related ports:
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  • Wmget - Dock app for Window Maker providing wget functionality
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  • Weex - Non-interactive FTP client
  • Waiho - Simple FTP client for GNUstep
  • Vsftpd - FTP daemon that aims to be "very secure"
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