Jul 20, 2023

Portable Emacs Library

APEL stands for “A Portable Emacs Library” and contains these modules apel - alist utility for Association-list - calist utility for condition tree and condition/situation-alist - filename utility to make file-name - install utility to install emacs-lisp package - mule-caeser ROT 13-47-48 Caesar rotation utility - path-util utility for path management or file detection emu - broken provide information of broken facilities of Emacs. - invisible provide features about invisible region - mcharset provide MIME charset related features - pces provide portable character encoding scheme features - pccl utility to write portable CCL program - pcustom provide portable custom environment - poe emulation module for basic functions and special forms/macros - poem provide basic functions to write portable MULE programs - static utility for static evaluation

Checkout these related ports:
  • Zile - Small emacs-like text editor
  • Yudit - Multi-lingual Unicode text editor with TTF support
  • Xvile - VI Like Emacs -- X11 version
  • Xmlcopyeditor - Fast validating XML editor
  • Xi-term - Terminal frontend for xi-editor
  • Xi-core - Modern editor backend written in Rust
  • Xed - Small but powerful text editor for GTK
  • Xcoral - Multiwindow mouse-based text editor for X
  • Wxhexeditor - Graphical hex editor for big files with x86 disassembly support
  • Wordgrinder - Simple Unicode-aware console and X11-based word processor
  • With-editor - Use the Emacsclient as the $$EDITOR of child processes
  • With-editor-devel - Use the Emacsclient as the $$EDITOR of child processes
  • Web-mode - Autonomous Emacs major-mode for editing web templates
  • Vscode - Visual Studio Code - Open Source ("Code - OSS")
  • Vis - Vi-like editor based on Plan 9's structural regular expressions