Jul 20, 2023

Multiwindow mouse-based text editor for X

From the docs

Xcoral is a multiwindow mouse-based text editor for the X Window System. A built-in browser enables you to navigate through C functions, C++ classes, methods and files. A SMall Ansi C Interpreter Smac is also built-in to dynamically extend the editor’s possibilities user functions, key bindings, modes etc. Xcoral provides variable width fonts, menus, scrollbars, buttons, search, regions, kill-buffers, macros and undo. An on-line manual box, with a table of contents and an index, helps you to use and customize the editor. Commands are accessible from menus or key bindings. Xcoral is a direct Xlib client and runs on color/bw X Display.

The example .xcoralrc is in $PREFIX/share/xcoral/xcoralrc.fl; cp it to ~/.xcoralrc, and fire up xcoral.

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