May 26, 2018

Unofficial Python API for retrieving data from

Unofficial Python API for retrieving data from

This module provides the following features plus some more

  • retrieving a URL’s full public bookmarking history including
  • users who bookmarked the URL including tags used for such bookmarks and the creation time of the bookmark up to YYYY-MM-DD granularity
  • top tags up to a maximum of 10 including tag count
  • title as stored on
  • total number of bookmarks/users for this URL at
  • retrieving a user’s full bookmark collection, including any private bookmarks if you know the corresponding password
  • retrieving a user’s full public tagging vocabulary, i.e. tags and tag counts
  • retrieving a user’s network information network members and network fans
  • HTTP proxy support
  • updated to support “version 2” mini-relaunch as of August 2008

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