May 26, 2018

Python-based parsing at the speed of C

PyBison is a Python binding to the Bison yacc and Flex lex parser-generator utilities.

It allows parsers to be quickly and easily developed as Python class declarations, and for these parsers to take advantage of the fast and powerful C-based Bison/Flex.

Users write a subclass of a basic Parser object, containing a set of methods and attributes specifying the grammar and lexical analysis rules, and taking callbacks for providing parser input, and receiving parser target events.

Features * Runs at near the speed of C-based parsers, due to direct hooks into bison-generated C code * Full LALR1 grammar support * Includes a utility to convert your legacy grammar .y and scanner .l scripts into python modules compatible with PyBison * Easy to understand - the walkthrough and the examples will have you writing your own parsers in minutes * Comfortable and intuitive callback mechanisms * Can export parse tree to XML with a simple method call * Can reconstitute a parse tree from XML

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