May 26, 2018

C++ Portable Types Library

PTypes is a C++ Portable Types Library. It offers the following features

  • Threads and synchronization objects along with message queues solve the vital problem of diversity of the threading API’s on different platforms.
  • IP socket classes and utilities provide complete IP-based framework for both client-side and server-side programming. They can be combined with PTypes multithreading.
  • Dynamic strings, variants, character sets, date/time type and various kinds of dynamic and associative arrays Delphi programmers will find them very similar to the ones in their favorite language.
  • Streaming interfaces provide buffered I/O with simple and powerful text parsing methods. A strictly defined syntax for the given text format or a formal language can be represented by calls to PTypes token extraction methods. The unified streaming interface is applicable to files, named pipes and network sockets.
  • Special thread class with enhanced functionality called unit. Units have their own main and input/output ‘plugs’; they can be connected to each other within one application to form pipes, like processes in the Unix shell.
  • Finally, everything above is portable all platform-dependent details are hidden inside.

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