May 26, 2018

Command-line project manager that integrates with Git

Pit is a command-line project manager that integrates with Git.

Basic Pit entities are projects, tasks, and notes. One project can have multiple tasks, and a task can have multiple notes. Each entity has a number of attributes. For example, project has name and status, task has name, status, priority, date, and time, and within note there is message body. All attributes except name and message body are optional and can be omitted.

The attributes have no semantic meaning, and do not have a pre-defined set of values. For example, depending on the particular need, the time attribute could be used as projected time in weeks, hours spent on the task, or days left to finish the task.

Pit tries to maintain a notion of “current” project, task, or note. When you create new project, it automatically becomes current. If you do not specify project number when creating a task, the new task will be associated with the current project.

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