May 26, 2018

Distributed version control system

Pijul is a version control system based on patches, that can mimic the behaviour and workflows of both Git and Darcs, but contrarily to those systems, Pijul is based on a mathematically sound theory of patches.

Pijul was started out of frustration that no version control system was at the same time fast and sound

  • Git has non-associative merges, which might lead to security problems. Concretely, this means that the commits you merge might not be the same as the ones you review and test.

  • Handling of conflicts Pijul has an explicit internal representation of conflicts, a rock-solid theory of how they behave, and super-fast data structures to handle them.

  • Speed! The complexity of Pijul is low in all cases, whereas previous attempts to build a mathematically sound distributed version control system had huge worst-case complexities. The use of Rust additionally yields a blazingly fast implementation.

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