May 26, 2018

PEAR template API

HTML_Template_Sigma implements Integrated Templates API designed by Ulf Wendel.


  • Nested blocks. Nesting is controlled by the engine.
  • Ability to include files from within template
  • Automatic removal of empty blocks and unknown variables methods to manually tweak/override this are also available
  • Methods for runtime addition and replacement of blocks in templates
  • Ability to insert simple function calls into templates func_uppercase’Hello world!’ and to define callback functions for these
  • ‘Compiled’ templates the engine has to parse a template file using regular expressions to find all the blocks and variable placeholders. This is a very “expensive” operation and is an overkill to do on every page request templates seldom change on production websites. Thus this feature an internal representation of the template structure is saved into a file and this file gets loaded instead of the source one on subsequent requests unless the source changes
  • PHPUnit-based tests to define correct behaviour
  • Usage examples for most of the features are available, look in the docs/ directory

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