May 26, 2018

PEAR base class for XHTML page generation

The PEARHTML_Page2 package provides a simple interface for generating an XHTML compliant page

  • supports virtually all HTML doctypes, from HTML 2.0 through XHTML 1.1 and XHTML Basic 1.0 plus preliminary support for XHTML 2.0
  • namespace support
  • global language declaration for the document
  • line ending styles
  • full META tag support
  • support for stylesheet declaration in the head section
  • support for script declaration in the head section
  • support for linked stylesheets and scripts
  • full support for header link tags
  • body can be a string, object with toHtml or toString methods or an array can be combined

Ideas for use

  • Use to validate the output of a class for XHTML compliance
  • Quick prototyping using PEAR packages is now a breeze.

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