May 26, 2018

Apartment threading wrapper for Perl objects

ThreadApartment provides an apartment threading wrapper for Perl classes. “Apartment threading” is a method for isolating an object or object hierarchy in its own thread, and providing external interfaces via lightweight client proxy objects. This approach is especially valuable in the Perl threads environment, which doesn’t provide a direct means of passing complex, nested structure objects between threads, and for non-threadsafe legacy object architectures, e.g., Perl/Tk.

By using lightweight client proxy objects that implement the ThreadQueueQueueable interface, with ThreadQueueDuplex objects as the communication channel between client proxies and apartment threads or between threads in general, a more thread-friendly OO environment is provided, ala Java, i.e., the ability to pass arbitrary objects between arbitrary threads.

ThreadApartment is a fundamental component of the PSiCHE framework http//

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