Jul 20, 2023

Mocks LWP::UserAgent and dispatches your requests/responses

TestMockLWPDispatch intends for testing a code that heavily uses LWPUserAgent.

Assume that function you want to test makes three different request to the server and expects to get some content from the server. To test this function you should setup request/response mappings for mocked UserAgent and test it.

For doing something with mappings, here are methods map, unmap and unmap_all. For controlling context of these mappings is it applies for all created in your code LWPUserAgent’s or only to one specific? you should call these functions for exported $mock_ua object global mapping or for newly created LWPUserAgent local mappings.

See also on TestMockLWP, it provides mocked LWP objects for you, so probably you can solve your problems with this module too.

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