Jul 20, 2023

Software release tool

Releasing a new version of software takes a lot of steps… finding the next version number and making sure you didn’t already use that version number before, making sure your changelog is updated, making sure your “make dist” results in a tarball that builds, committing changes with updated version number, tagging, and uploading the tarball somewhere.

Or maybe more steps. Or not some of the above. Maybe you forgot something! And maybe you manage multiple projects, and each project has a different release process.

This is all a pain in the ass.

You want to be hacking, not jumping through hoops.

Your contributors want to see their patches actually make it into a release, which won’t happen if you’re afraid of releases.

shipit automates all the hell. It makes life beautiful.

Checkout these related ports:
  • Zziplib - Library to provide transparent read access to zipped files
  • Zydis - Fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library
  • Zycore-c - Support library with platform independent types, macros, etc for Zydis
  • Zthread - Platform-independent object-oriented C++ threading library
  • Zookeeper - Coordination Service for Distributed Applications
  • Zls - Zig LSP implementation + Zig Language Server
  • Zfp - High throughput library for compressed floating-point arrays
  • Zeal - Offline documentation browser
  • Zapcc - C++ caching compiler based on clang
  • Zanata-platform - Web-based translation platform
  • Zanata-cli - Zanata Java command line client
  • Z88dk - Complete Z80/Z180 development kit
  • Z80ex - ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator library
  • Z80asm - Assembler for the Z80 microprocessor
  • Z80-asm - Z80 assembly code assembler and disassembler