May 26, 2018

Perl extension to access and manipulate Subversion dumpfiles

SVNDumpfile represents a Subversion dumpfile. It provides methods to read existing and write modified or new dumpfiles. It supports dumpfiles with the version number 1 - 3 but was written in a tolerant way to also support newer versions as long no major changes are made.

This module is a OO redesign and generalisation of SVNDumpfilter v0.21. Newer versions of SVNDumpfilter are using it to access the input and output dumpfiles.

The ability to create new dumpfiles sets it apart from the similar module SVNDump. The submodule SVNDumpfileNodeProperties also allows the processing of Subversion revision property files i.e. the files lying in the $REPOSITORY/db/revprops/ directory holding the author, date and log entry of every revision.

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