May 26, 2018

Perl5 module to install die() and warn() handlers

This is a second go at a module to simplify installing die and warn handlers, and to make such handlers easier to write and control.

For most people, this just means that if use Religion; then you’ll get noticeably better error reporting from warn and die. This is especially useful if you are using eval.

Religion provides four classes, WarnHandler, DieHandler, WarnPreHandler, and DiePreHandler, that when you construct them return closures that can be stored in variables that in turn get invoked by $SIG__DIE__ and $SIG__WARN__. Note that if Religion is in use, you should not modify $SIG__DIE__ or $SIG__WARN__, unless you are careful about invoking chaining to the old handler.

Religion also provides a TraceBack function, which is used by a DieHandler after you die to give a better handle on the current scope of your situation, and provide information about where you were, which might influence where you want to go next, either returning back to where

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