May 26, 2018

Perl extension to parses local .pm files as PAUSE does

This is a sister module of ParsePMFile. This module parses local .pm files and a META file if any in a specific current if not specified directory, and returns a hash reference that represents “provides” information with some extra meta data. This is almost the same as ModuleMetadata does which has been in Perl core since Perl 5.13.9. The main difference is the most of the code of this module is directly taken from the PAUSE code as of June 2013. If you need better compatibility to PAUSE, try this. If you need better performance, safety, or portability in general, ModuleMetadata may be a better and handier option ParsePMFile and thus ParseLocalDistribution actually evaluates code in the $VERSION line in a Safe compartment, which may be problematic in some cases.

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