Jul 20, 2023

Declare new Perl keywords…via a keyword…named keyword

KeywordDeclare implements a new Perl keyword keyword, which you can use to specify other new keywords.

Normally, to define new keywords in Perl, you either have to write them in XS shiver! or use a module like KeywordSimple or KeywordAPI. Using any of these approaches requires you to grab all the source code after the keyword, manually parse out the components of the keyword’s syntax, construct the replacement source code, and then substitute it for the original source code you just parsed.

Using KeywordDeclare, you define a new keyword by specifying its name and a parameter list corresponding to the syntactic components that must follow the keyword. You then use those parameters to construct and return the replacement source code. The module takes care of setting up the keyword, and of the associated syntax parsing, and of inserting the replacement source code in the correct place.

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