May 26, 2018

Perl module to create an XS file from an Inline C file

InlineXC2XS - create an XS file from an Inline C file.

The C file that InlineXC2XS needs to find would contain only the C code.

InlineXC2XS looks for the file in ./src directory - expecting that the filename will be the same as what appears after the final ‘’ in the module name with a ‘.c’ extension. ie if the module is called MyNextMod it looks for a file ./src/Mod.c, and creates a file named Mod.xs. Also created, is the file ‘INLINE.h’ - but only if that file is needed. The generated xs file and INLINE.h will be written to the cwd unless a third argument specifying a valid directory is provided to the c2xs function.

The created XS file, when packaged with the ‘.pm’ file, an appropriate ‘Makefile.PL’, and ‘INLINE.h’ if it’s needed, can be used to build the module in the usual way - without any dependence upon the InlineC module.

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