Jul 20, 2023

Deferred subroutine syntax for futures

FutureAsyncAwait provides syntax for deferring and resuming subroutines while waiting for Futures to complete. This syntax aims to make code that performs asynchronous operations using futures look neater and more expressive than simply using then chaining and other techniques on the futures themselves. It is also a similar syntax used by a number of other languages; notably C# 5, EcmaScript 6, Python 3, Dart, Rust, C++20.

This module is still under active development. While it now seems relatively stable enough for most use-cases and has received a lot of “battle-testing” in a wide variety of scenarios, there may still be the occasional case of memory leak left in it, especially if still-pending futures are abandoned.

The new syntax takes the form of two new keywords, async and await.

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