May 26, 2018

Sensible way to handle form based user interface

FormSensible is a different kind of form library. FormSensible is not just another HTML form creator, or a form validator, though it can do both. FormSensible, instead, focuses on what forms are a method to relay information to and from a user interface.

FormSensible forms are primarily tied to the data they represent. FormSensible is not tied to HTML in any way. You could render FormSensible forms using any presentation system you like, whether that’s HTML, console prompts, WxPerl or voice prompts. * currently only an HTML renderer is provided with FormSensible, but work is already under way to produce others.


  • Easy form validation
  • Ability to easily save created forms for future use
  • Define form once, render any number of ways
  • Flexible built-in form validator
  • Easily extended to produce new renderers, field types and validation
  • HTML renderer produces sane html that can be easily styled via CSS
  • HTML renderer allows for custom templates to control all aspects of form rendering.
  • HTML output not tied to any javascript library.

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