Jul 20, 2023

Copy file(s) to directories/file

FileNCopycopy copies files to directories, or a single file to another file. You can also use a reference to a file handle if you wish when doing a file to file copy. The functionality is very similar to cp. If the argument is a directory to directory copy and the recursive flag is set then it is done recursively like cp -R. In fact it behaves like cp on Unix for the most part.

If called in array context, an array of successful copies is returned, otherwise the number of successful copies is returned. If passed a file handle, it’s difficult to make sure the file we are copying isn’t the same that we are copying to, since by opening the file in write mode it gets pooched. To avoid this use file names instead, if at all possible, especially for the to file. If passed a file handle, it is not closed when copy returns, files opened by copy are closed.

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