May 26, 2018

Get directories of configuration files

FileConfigDir is a helper for installing, reading and finding configuration file locations. It’s intended to work in every supported Perl5 environment and will always try to Do The Right ThingTM.

FileConfigDir is a module to help out when perl modules especially applications need to read and store configuration files from more than one location. Writing user configuration is easy thanks to FileHomeDir, but what when the system administrator needs to place some global configuration or there will be system related configuration in /etc on UNIXTM or $ENVwindir on WindowsTM and some network configuration in nfs mapped /etc/p5-app or $ENVALLUSERSPROFILE . “\Application Data\p5-app”, respectively.

FileConfigDir has no “do what I mean” mode - it’s entirely up to the user to pick the right directory for each particular application.

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