May 26, 2018

Custom op checking attached to subroutines

DevelCallChecker makes some new features of the Perl 5.14.0 C API available to XS modules running on older versions of Perl. The features are centred around the function cv_set_call_checker, which allows XS code to attach a magical annotation to a Perl subroutine, resulting in resolvable calls to that subroutine being mutated at compile time by arbitrary C code. This module makes cv_set_call_checker and several supporting functions available. It is possible to achieve the effect of cv_set_call_checker from XS code on much earlier Perl versions, but it is painful to achieve without the centralised facility.

DevelCallCheckerprovides the implementation of the functions at runtime on Perls where they are not provided by the core. It also, at compile time, supplies the C header file and link library which provide access to the functions. In normal use, “callchecker0_h” and “callchecker_linkable” should be called at build time not authoring time for the module that wishes to use the C functions.

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