May 26, 2018

Perl5 module to read directives from a configuration file

   The ConfigReader library is a set of classes which reads
   directives from a configuration file.  The library is
   completely object oriented, and it is envisioned that
   parsers for new styles of configuration files can be
   easily added.

   ConfigReaderSpec encapsulates a specification for
   configuration directives.  You can specify which
   directives can be in the configuration file, aliases for
   the directive, whether the directive is required or has a
   default value, and how to parse the directive value.

   Here's an example of how one directive might be specified

        required $spec 'HomePage', 'new URIURL';

   This defines a required directive called 'HomePage'.  To
   parse the value from the configuration file, the
   URIURLnew method will be called with the string
   value as its argument.

   use 'perldoc ConfigReader' for more information.