May 26, 2018

Natively copying Perl data structures

Essentially, this module is a very optimized version of CloneMore. By taking advantage of one of CloneMore’s ‘OPTIMIZATION_HACKS’ as well as removing all the Pure Perl from the, I was able to gain a lot of speed out of the module. Essentially, though, the core of the module is exactly as that of CloneMore.

You will see that by using Benchmarkcmpthese, I ran a simple comparison between Storabledclone, CloneMoreclone, and CloneFastclone. You will should begin to see the reason why I loaded this module along side of CloneMore.

	   Rate    Storable CloneMore CloneFast
Storable     7552/s          --        -39        -59
CloneMore 12400/s         64          --        -33
CloneFast 18442/s        144         49          --

For more information relative to the DESCRIPTION of this module, I recommend peeking into the POD written for CloneMore I took more time with it ;

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