Jul 20, 2023

Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops

Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops

Without actually executing a Perl 5 program, you can walk its optree

$ cat hello.pl
print "Hello world!\n";

$ perl -MO=Debug hello.pl
hello.pl syntax OK
LISTOP 0x55d1520414f8
	op_ppaddr	0x55d1520414f8 LISTOP [OP_LEAVE]
	op_next		0x0
	op_sibling	0x0
	op_targ		1
OP 0x55d1520414c8
	op_ppaddr	0x55d1520414c8     OP [OP_ENTER]
	op_next		0x55d152041538    COP [OP_NEXTSTATE]
	op_sibling	0x55d152041538    COP [OP_NEXTSTATE]
	op_targ		0

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