Jul 20, 2023

OCaml-Java library interface

This is a very preliminary release of CamlJava, an OCaml/Java interface based on the following schema

     Caml/C interface       JNI Java Native Interface   Caml <------------------> C <-----------------------------> Java

Currently, CamlJava provides a low-level, weakly-typed OCaml interface very similar to the JNI. Java object references are mapped to an abstract type, and various JNI-like operations are provided to allow Java method invocation, field access, and more. A basic callback facility allowing Java code to invoke methods on Caml objects is also provided, although some stub Java code must be written by hand.

In the future, a higher-level, strongly-typed interface will be provided, whereas Java classes are mapped directly to Caml classes. This raises fairly delicate type mapping issues, though, so don’t hold your breath.

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