May 26, 2018

Dependency generator for makefiles

Makedepend is a makefile dependency generator from The XFree86 Project, Inc. If you have X installed, you already have makedepend and do not need this port!

Makedepend reads each sourcefile in sequence and parses it like a C-preprocessor, processing all #include, #define, #undef, #ifdef, #ifndef, #endif, #if and #else directives so that it can correctly tell which #include, directives would be used in a compilation. Any #include, directives can reference files having other #include directives, and parsing will occur in these files as well.

Every file that a sourcefile includes, directly or indirectly, is what makedepend calls a “dependency”. These dependencies are then written to a makefile in such a way that make will know which object files must be recompiled when a dependency has changed.

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