May 26, 2018

Scalable drop-in replacement for malloc/free

lockfree-malloc is a scalable drop-in replacement for malloc/free.

  • It’s thread-friendly. It supports a practically-unlimited number of concurrent threads, without locking or performance degradation.
  • It’s efficient, especially in a multi-threaded environment. Compared to a stock libc allocator, we see a significant performance boost.
  • It does NOT fragment or leak memory, unlike a stock libc allocator.
  • It wastes less memory. For small objects less than 8kb in size, the overhead is around 0 bytes. !
  • It is designed from the ground-up for 64-bit architectures.
  • It is elegant. The whole codebase is only around 800 lines of fairly clean C++. !
  • It fully stand-alone; it does not rely on pthreads or libc at runtime.

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