May 26, 2018

Graph-based SSA intermediate representation library for compilers

The Firm library implements the Firm intermediate representation IR. libFirm contains algorithms for construction of the SSA form directly from the attributed syntax tree. A set of analyses and optimisation phases is provided. This version includes a complete backend for the IA32 architecture, as well as some unfinished backends for SPARC, ARM

  • support for object oriented type hierarchies
  • analyses dominance, loop tree, execution frequency, control dependencies, call graph, rapid type, def-use, alias analysis, class hierarchy analysis
  • Optimisations constant folding, local common subexpression elimination, global common subexpression elimination, code placement, operator strength reduction, scalar replacement, load/store, control flow optimisations, if-conversion, partial condition evaluation, reassociation, tail recursion elimination, inlining, procedure cloning, dead code elimination, …
  • enhanced debugging support extensive checkers, breakpoints on node creation, entity creation, graph dumping
  • lowering of intrinsics, double word arithmetics, bitfields
  • backend with SSA based register allocation including several algorithms for spilling and copy coalescing. Instruction and block scheduling, support for ABI handling.
  • working ia32 backend with support for x87 and SSE2 floating point
  • handwritten recursive descent C90/C99 frontend available lang/cparser

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