May 26, 2018

Modifies the system time for a single application

libfaketime intercepts various system calls which programs use to retrieve the current date and time. It can then report faked dates and times as specified by you, the user to these programs. This means you can modify the system time a program sees without having to change the time system-wide.

libfaketime allows you to specify both absolute dates e.g., 01/01/2004 and relative dates e.g., 10 days ago.

libfaketime might be used for various purposes, for example

  • Running legacy software with y2k bugs
  • Testing software for year-2038 compliance
  • Debugging time-related issues, such as expired SSL certificates
  • Running software which ceases to run outside a certain timeframe
  • Using different system-wide date and time settings, e.g., on OpenVZ- based virtual machines running on the same host
  • Deterministic build processes.

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