May 26, 2018

Library from “C Interfaces and Implementations” by David Hanson

This hierarchy contains all the source code from “C Interfaces and Implementations Techniques for Creating Reusable Software Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series, 1997, ISBN 0-201-49841-3.

For installation instructions, see install.html. For a summary of the distribution’s revision history, see history.html.

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FreeBSD note in /usr/local lib/libcii.a -> lib/cii/1/libcii.a include/cii -> lib/cii/1/include example binaries are in lib/cii/1/examples copyright, history, etc share/doc/cii source of CII share/doc/cii/src source of examples share/doc/cii/examples

There is no documentation other than the book and its web site.

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