Jul 20, 2023

C++ library of Concurrent Data Structures

The Concurrent Data Structures CDS library is a collection of concurrent containers that don’t require external manual synchronization for shared access, and safe memory reclamation SMR algorithms like Hazard Pointer and user-space RCU that is used as an epoch-based SMR.

CDS is mostly header-only template library. Only SMR core implementation is segregated to .so file.

The library contains the implementations of the following containers

  • lock-free stack with optional elimination support
  • several algo for lock-free queue, including classic Michael & Scott algorithm and its derivatives, the flat combining queue, the segmented queue.
  • several implementation of unordered set/map - lock-free and fine-grained lock-based
  • flat-combining technique
  • lock-free skip-list
  • lock-free FeldmanHashMap/Set Multi-Level Array Hash with thread-safe bidirectional iterator support
  • Bronson’s et al algorithm for fine-grained lock-based AVL tree

Generally, each container has an intrusive and non-intrusive STL-like version belonging to cdsintrusive and cdscontainer namespace respectively.

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