Jul 20, 2023

Fork of OpenWatcom x86 assembler with AMD64 support

JWasm is a MASM v6 compatible assembler. It’s a fork of Open Watcom’s WASM and released under the Sybase Open Watcom Public License, which allows free commercial and non-commercial use. JWasm is written in C, source code is open.

JWasm Features

  • JWasm natively supports output formats Intel OMF, MS Coff 32- and 64-bit, Elf 32- and 64-bit, Bin and DOS MZ.
  • precompiled JWasm binaries are available for DOS, Windows and Linux. For OS/2 and FreeBSD, makefiles are supplied.
  • Instructions up to SSSE3 are supported.
  • The JWasm source is portable and has successfully been tested with Open Watcom, MS VC, GCC and more.
  • As far as programming for Windows is concerned, JWasm can be used with both Win32Inc and Masm32.
  • C header files can be converted to include files for JWasm with h2incX.

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