May 26, 2018

Software to manipulate EEPROM/FLASH memory

hc12mem is a command line tool for embedded microcontroller developers using Freescale’s HCS12-family MCUs. It can

  • erase/read/write/protect internal EEPROM memory
  • erase/read/write internal FLASH memory
  • protect/unprotect whole MCU

Supported MCUs almost every HCS12 derivative

A32, A64, A128, A256, A512, C32, C64, C96, C128, GC16, GC32, GC64, GC96, GC128, D32, D64, D128, D256, D512, E32, E64, E128, E256, H128, H256, UF32, NE64. Supported target connections - BDM - Daniel Malik's TDBML Turbo BDM Light USB POD - Kevin Ross's BDM12 POD - Marek Peca's PODEX - my own improved version of PODEX with firmware bugfixes - LRAE Load RAM And Execute serial bootloader see Freescale's Application Note AN2546 - Freescale's HCS12 MCU serial monitor see Freescale's Application Note AN2548 WWW http//