May 26, 2018

Complete gcc-based toolcahin for embedded ARM development

FSF binutils/gcc/gdb toolchain for ARM Cortex-M & Cortex-R processors Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4, Cortex-R4/R5/R7. This port brings C and C++ compilers. Gloss and libc layer are provided through newlib embedded C library. This is complete package prepated by “GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors” project which is maintained by ARM company itself.

It includes binutils gcc 5.3 with LTO and GRAPHITE support. newlib optimized for speed newlib-nano optimized for two versions of libstdc++, optimized for speed and size. gdb without sim.

All this is built with support for armv6-m, armv7-ar, armv7-m and armv7e-m targets, armv7e-m with and without FPU support and armv8-m too. This port gives bit-to-bit compatibility with “official” embedded ARM toolchain for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

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