May 26, 2018

Attractive toolkit for the analysis of ELF object files

The ELF shell 0.5 takes advantage of a hash based, lazy typed object oriented architecture, a readline based interactive mode 35+ builtin commands, with history, completion, regular expression powered, a scripting mode sample scripts and session logs available on this page and brings more modification API relocation tables, .interp, .dynamic, .dynsym, PAX bits, and +, atomic operations with get/set and add/sub/mul/div/mod commands, section injection by top insert unlimited amount of data in the executable PT_LOAD, even in non-executable environments, a quiet output for tiny screens, ELFsh modules support, sophisticated write/printf primitives, SPARC PLT infection, experimental ET_EXEC relocation and remapping features, ET_REL injection into ET_EXEC with bss and symtab merging support, disassembly with good resolving on i386 binaries with libasm, and much more.

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