May 26, 2018

Distributed Multi-User Compilation System (for use with distcc)

DMUCS is a system that allows a group of users to share a compilation farm. Each compilation request from each user will be sent to the fastest available machine, every time. The system has these fine qualities

  • Supports multiple users compiling simultaneously, and scales well to handle the new loads.
  • Supports multiple operating systems in the compilation farm.
  • Uses all processors of a multi-processor compilation host.
  • Makes best use of compilation hosts with widely differing CPU speeds.
  • Guarantees that a compilation host will not be overloaded by compilations.
  • Takes into account the load on a host caused by non-compilation tasks.
  • Supports the dynamic addition and removal of hosts to the compilation farm.
  • Works with distcc, which need not be altered in any way.

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