May 26, 2018

Source code analyzer and refactoring browser for C program collections

CScout is a source code analyzer and refactoring browser for collections of C programs. It can process workspaces of multiple projects we define a project as a collection of C source files that are linked together mapping the complexity introduced by the C preprocessor back into the original C source code files. CScout takes advantage of modern hardware advances fast processors and large memory capacities to analyze C source code beyond the level of detail and accuracy provided by current compilers and linkers. The analysis CScout performs takes into account the identifier scopes introduced by the C preprocessor and the C language proper scopes and namespaces. CScout has already been applied on projects ranging from tens of thousands of lines, like the FreeBSD and Linux kernels, and the Apache web server.

This free unsupported version of CScout is distributed under the terms of the CScout Public License, which is available in the accompanying documentation.

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