May 26, 2018

Family of hash functions

CityHash provides hash functions for strings. The functions mix the input bits thoroughly but are not suitable for cryptography. See “Hash Quality,” below, for details on how CityHash was tested and so on.

Functions by CityHash

  • CityHash32 returns a 32-bit hash.
  • CityHash64 and similar return a 64-bit hash.
  • CityHash128 and similar return a 128-bit hash and are tuned for strings of at least a few hundred bytes. Depending on your compiler and hardware, it’s likely faster than CityHash64 on sufficiently long strings. It’s slower than necessary on shorter strings, but we expect that case to be relatively unimportant.
  • CityHashCrc128 and similar are variants of CityHash128 that depend on _mm_crc32_u64, an intrinsic that compiles to a CRC32 instruction on some CPUs. However, none of the functions we provide are CRCs.
  • CityHashCrc256 is a variant of CityHashCrc128 that also depends on _mm_crc32_u64. It returns a 256-bit hash.

All members of the CityHash family were designed with heavy reliance on previous work by Austin Appleby, Bob Jenkins, and others. For example, CityHash32 has many similarities with Murmur3a.

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