Jul 20, 2023

Portable BSD-style build system

BSDBuild is a simple, self-contained and portable build system derived from the traditional 4.4BSD share/mk files. BSDBuild uses BSD-style makefiles, but without BSD make extensions it uses standard Bourne script fragments instead, so the build system is portable to most operating systems and make flavors.

Because BSDBuild is implemented as a library, Makefiles never need to be recompiled unless a separate build is requested. BSDBuild can also generate pure Bourne ./configure scripts, which function similarly to GNU-style configure scripts as far as end-users are concerned, but are compiled using Perl modules instead of macro packages.

Checkout these related ports:
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  • Zycore-c - Support library with platform independent types, macros, etc for Zydis
  • Zthread - Platform-independent object-oriented C++ threading library
  • Zookeeper - Coordination Service for Distributed Applications
  • Zls - Zig LSP implementation + Zig Language Server
  • Zfp - High throughput library for compressed floating-point arrays
  • Zeal - Offline documentation browser
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  • Zanata-platform - Web-based translation platform
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  • Z88dk - Complete Z80/Z180 development kit
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  • Z80-asm - Z80 assembly code assembler and disassembler