May 26, 2018

Transaction-based software configuration management system

Aegis is a transaction-based software configuration management system. It provides a framework within which a team of developers may work on many changes to a program independently, and Aegis coordinates integrating these changes back into the master source of the program, with as little disruption as possible. Some key features

  • All operations on the repository are based on change sets.
  • True configurations. All changes are reproducible snapshots. Every change set has a unique configuration identifier.
  • Ability to rename files without losing their history.
  • Binary files are supported.
  • File meta-data are versioned. Aegis versions permissions also.
  • Commits are truly atomic. No part of a commit takes effect until the entire commit has succeeded. Log messages are attached to the change set, not stored redundantly in each file.
  • Access controls on lines of development branches. Creating a branch in Aegis can be accomplished with a single, fast command.
  • Repository synchronization, geographically distributed development.
  • Optimal performance for all users, local or remote no difference.
  • Disconnected commits.
  • Peer-to-peer architecture. Work may flow in without involving a master site.
  • Costs are proportional to change size, not data size.

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