Jul 20, 2023

Columnar store for analytics with PostgreSQL

Cstore_fdw is a extension of PostgreSQL. This extension uses the Optimized Row Columnar ORC format for its data layout. ORC improves upon the RCFile format developed at Facebook, and brings the following benefits - Compression Reduces in-memory and on-disk data size by 2-4x. Can be extended to support different codecs. - Column projections Only reads column data relevant to the query. Improves performance for I/O bound queries. - Skip indexes Stores min/max statistics for row groups, and uses them to skip over unrelated rows. Further, cstore_fdw used the Postgres foreign data wrapper APIs and type representations with this extension. This brings - Support for 40+ Postgres data types. The user can also create new types and use them. - Statistics collection. PostgreSQL’s query optimizer uses these stats to evaluate different query plans and pick the best one. - Simple setup. Create foreign table and copy data. Run SQL.

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