Jul 20, 2023

PostgreSQL extension to check PL/pgSQL code

plpgsql_check is next generation of plpgsql_lint. It allows to check source code by explicit call plpgsql_check_function. PostgreSQL 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 10, 11 are supported Develop 12 is supported too. The SQL statements inside PL/pgSQL functions are checked by validator for semantic errors. These errors can be found by plpgsql_check_function.


  • check fields of referenced database objects and types inside embedded SQL
  • using correct types of function parameters
  • unused variables and function argumens, unmodified OUT argumens
  • partially detection of dead code due RETURN command
  • detection of missing RETURN command in function
  • try to identify unwanted hidden casts, that can be performance issue like unused indexes
  • possibility to collect relations and functions used by function
  • possibility to check EXECUTE stmt agaist SQL injection vulnerability

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