Jul 20, 2023

Perl XS frontend to the Xapian C++ search library

This module wraps most methods of most Xapian classes. The missing classes and methods should be added in the future. It also provides a simplified, more ‘perlish’ interface - as demonstrated above.

The Xapian library is evolving very quickly at the time of writing, hence any documentation placed here would be likely to become out of date quite rapidly, and I do not have the patience to write some which could rapidly become redundant.

Apologies to those of you considering using this module. For the time being, I would suggest garnering what you can from the tests and examples provided, or reading through the Xapian documentation on http//www.xapian.org/, notably the API documentation at http//www.xapian.org/docs/apidoc/html/annotated.html

If you encounter problems, email either me or preferably the Xapian-discuss mailing list which I am on - subscription details can be found on the Xapian web site.

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