Jul 20, 2023

C/C++ client library and tools for the memcached server

libmemcached is a C and C++ client library to the memcached server http// It has been designed to be light on memory usage, thread safe, and provide full access to server side methods.

A few notes on its design

Synchronous and Asynchronous support.

TCP and Unix Socket protocols.

A half dozen or so different hash algorithms.

Implementations of the new cas, replace, and append operators.

Man pages written up on entire API.

Implements both modulo and consistent hashing solutions.

It also implements several command line tools

memcat - Copy the value of a key to standard output memflush - Flush the contents of your servers. memrm - Remove a keys from the serrver. memcp - Copy files to a memached server. memstat - Dump the stats of your servers to standard output memslap - Generate testing loads on a memcached cluster

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