Jul 20, 2023

JDB manipulates flat-ASCII databases from shell scripts

JDB is a package of commands for manipulating flat-ASCII databases from shell scripts. JDB is useful to process medium amounts of data with very little data you’d do it by hand, with megabytes you might want a real database. JDB is very good at doing things like

* extracting measurements from experimental output
* re-examining data to address different hypotheses
* joining data from different experiments
* eliminating/detecting outliers
* computing statistics on data mean, confidence intervals,
  histograms, correlations
* reformatting data for graphing programs

Rather than hand-code scripts to do each special case, JDB provides higher-level functions.

JDB is built on flat-ASCII databases. By storing data in simple text files and processing it with pipelines it is easy to experiment in the shell and look at the output.

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