Jul 20, 2023

Lightweight Embedded Database Engine

hamsterdb is a lightweight embedded database engine. It is in development for more than three years and concentrates on ease of use, high performance, stability and portability.

The hamsterdb API is simple and self-documenting. The interface is similar to other widely-used database engines. Fast algorithms and data structures guarantee high performance for all scenarios. Hamsterdb has hundreds of unittests with a test coverage of over

  1. Each release is tested with thousands of acceptance tests in many different configurations, tested on up to six different hardware architectures and operating systems. Written in plain ANSI-C, hamsterdb runs on many architectures Intel-compatible x86, x64, PowerPC, SPARC, ARM, RISC and others. Tested operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows CE, Linux, SunOS and other Unices.

WWW http//hamsterdb.com/index

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