Jul 20, 2023

A-Team MySQL LDAP authentication plugin

A-Team MySQL LDAP Authenticator —————————————————————————- - A-Team MySQL LDAP Authenticator ateam_mysql_ldap_auth is an authentication plugin for MySQL 5.5.7 and up, and has been tested with 5.6 under FreeBSD. This module allows you to create MySQL users that are then authenticated against an LDAP server. This reduces administrative overhead and eliminates your users having to remember a seperate username and password for MySQL. Just like MySQL Enterprise’s PAM module, for client side authentication this plugin uses the clear_text password module as the LDAP server must perform the password hashing and comparison. For command line clients this is done by setting the following environment variable


In MySQL Workbench this is acheived by going to go to the “Advanced” tab and checking “Enable Cleartext Authentication Plugin” when editing a connction.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! ———————————————————————— !!! ENSURE THE COMMUNICATIONS PATH BETWEEN THE CLIENT AND SERVER IS SECURE! !!! ———————————————————————— !!! By default MySQL does not use SSL so additional steps and network design !!! are needed to ensure you’re not exposing your credetials.

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