Jul 20, 2023

Read, manipulate, and display geo data

Tkgeomap is an open source set of extensions to the Tcl/Tk scripting language. It adds commands that read, manipulate, and display geographic data.

It provides four packages

  • tclgeomap - library written in C adds commands for basic geography calculations and data access.
  • tclgeomap_procs - library written in Tcl adds procedures that supplement tclgeomap.
  • tkgeomap - library written in C that adds the ability to draw maps
  • tkgeomap_procs - library written in Tcl adds procedures that supplement tkgeomap.

This port contains the Tcl part.

Checkout these related ports:
  • Xworld - Earth as seen from the direction of the sun
  • Xtide - Harmonic tide clock and tide predictor
  • Xplanet - Draw pictures of the earth textured by an image
  • Xphoon - Set the root window to the moon in its current phase
  • Xmoontool - Version of John Walker's classical moontool for X11/Motif
  • Xephem - Interactive astronomical ephemeris program
  • Xeartk - Small demo for tkgeomap
  • Xearth - Set the root window to the image of earth
  • Wmsun - Dockapp that displays the rise and set times of the Sun
  • Wmspaceweather - DockApp that shows the weather at geosynchronous orbit
  • Wmsolar - Dockapp that displays the Solar System viewed from the top
  • Wmmoonclock - Displays the phase of the moon, plus orbital data
  • Wmjupiter - Dockapp that displays information on Jupiter
  • Wmglobe - Neat xearth-like WindowMaker dockapp
  • Weather - Utility to provide current weather conditions and forecasts